Having A Review on NewsWatch TV Can Help Meet Marketing Goals

A feature or review on the weekly NewsWatch TV television program can exponentially boost a product’s sales and provide great public relations for a company. Businesses small and large, including non-profit organizations and indie developers, have testified that the 30 minute program, which currently airs Mondays at 7 a.m. on the AMC Network and ION Television, has helped their companies thrive and reach their marketing goals.


Several companies have met campaign goals thanks to promotion from NewsWatch TV. SteelSeries, Saygus, and Contour Design, business that produce small electronics, smartphones, and ergonomic workstations respectively, reached out to the program to review their products, hoping the experience would help increase their sales and give them exposure.

Customer Reviews of NewsWatch TV Campaigns

The program has also helped organizations with their crowdfunding efforts. Segments on NewsWatch TV promoted Indiegogo campaigns for a new Saygus product, the Saygus V Squared, and a pocket PC from the electronics company Avanca called the Ockel Sirius B. Both companies far exceeded their goals. Saygus received a total of $1.3 million, and Avanca received a whopping $446,000 over its modest $10,000 goal or nearly 3,000 percent.


NewsWatch TV has been airing continuously since March of 1990 and has an average reach of 96 million households on a weekly basis. With over 1,200 episodes produced by the Washington, D.C. area staff and having been on the air for nearly 28 years, the program has been seen by more than 700 million viewers in over 200 markets over the course of its long run.


During its long time on the air, NewsWatch TV has featured several high profile companies and organizations, including Casio, D-Link, GoodYear, Kelly Blue Books, and Weather Underground among others. The program has also featured celebrity appearances by figures such as Brooklyn Decker, Julianne Moore, Chris Pratt, Carrie Underwood, and Denzel Washington.