The Legacy of Lacey and Larkin

Joe Arpaio has been sentenced to do jail time because of a criminal contempt. The conviction was handed down because he ignored the judge’s order in relation to a racial profiling case that happened in 2007. In October 2017, Judge Susan Bolton legalized President Trump’s pardon of Arpaio weeks before the sentence was supposed to be given, letting Arpaio off the hook from the said case. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Judge Bolton’s decision puts an end to the recent case in which the former rogue sheriff from Maricopa County has been indicted in. It is quite known, however, that the said racial profiling case is just one of the numerous scandals Arpaio has been involved in, which includes the scandalous arrests that were made on Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, previous owners of the Phoenix New Times a decade ago.

According to Lacey, current United States Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson was correct when he called President Trump “a moron” judging by his pardon of Joe Arpaio. Lacey continued to state that the collaboration of Trump and Arpaio shows the perfect union of two corrupt people.

Joe Arpaio has a lengthy sheet of illegal and corrupt practices in his six years of term as the sheriff of Maricopa County. After a stint as a drug enforcement officer with the Drug Enforcement Administration, he was elected to office in 1992 where he earned the title “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. His corrupt activities included the following:

  • Creating a tent city in 1993 to diffuse jail overcrowding
  • Maltreatment of prisoners/inmates in jails – where defiant ones were savagely beaten
  • Unexplained numbers of unlawful deaths
  • Abuse of authority carried out during investigations and arrests
  • Smear campaigns and prosecution that involved political rival opponents and critics who served with the state attorney general’s office and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors members.
  • Started unlawful roundups of Latinos in 2007 to verify whether they have legal status in the country.

In answer to all the corrupt practices of Arpaio, Lacey and Larkin through their publication New Times waged a war of words with Arpaio by constantly exposing his corrupt practices. Arpaio retaliated by banning New Times reporters and threatening to arrest them, and ignoring requests for county records. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

It was inevitable that the battle through words would be enough, and before long Lacey and Larkin were arrested in 2007 by unmarked cars and plainclothes detectives who pulled them away from their homes during the night.

The New Times also covered the interesting fact that Arpaio and his wife owned real estate properties of commercial nature, which were valued at $700,000. It was some very expensive purchases and investment for someone who is merely making around $78,000 yearly.

Lacey believes that Arpaio’s battle with the migrants is more of the idea of having left his mark and not because of the fact that they are undocumented aliens.

Hence, in their continuing legacy to fight for the individual rights of migrants, Lacey and Larkin established the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund by using the awarded funds from their Arpaio case settlement, which was given by the Maricopa County.

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